We offer a wide range of storage solutions: custom-made closets, wardrobes, dressing rooms, as well as bookcases, entertainment centers, and many other types of furniture. All of our products benefit our "know-how" of Metropolitan Closet Company, of knowledge based on experience, research, development, and continued innovation done by our staff and our strong commitment to quality.

All of this detail is in every system we design. Each piece of furniture is designed to measure, in line with the specific needs of each client storage and maximizing the available space. We do this with a variety of items, and for closets this includes bars for hanging clothing at various heights, drawers, shelves, and baskets.

Discover our bespoke furniture, doors, closets, and more. We do not make furniture in series, and every door begins from scratch. That means that when you buy from Metropolitan Closet Company, you are commissioned a personal and unique piece.

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