When someone purchases a Metropolitan Closet, they not only obtain a quality closet, but time as well: Time for indulgence; time to think; time to relax.

We believe that when we design a closet for our customers, we are, at the same time, to a certain extent, organizing their life. We have developed our philosophy in the same way as we have developed our business: listening to our customers and taking their needs into consideration.

We are still spearheading innovation, trying to improve every day in order to provide the best products and service. When we install a closet system, we also try to establish a long-term relationship with our customer at the same time; and it works. Of all our competitors, Metropolitan Closet Company has the highest number of customers who come repeatedly purchase from us and who recommend us to their family and friends.

At Metropolitan Closet we strive to do the best for our customers. All of our employees have an exceptional commitment to their customers and an understanding of their needs that is unbeatable. Our designers are experts in planning spaces and are trained to listen to customers and provide a customized solution to their specific needs.

Our approach is as effective as our product. Metropolitan Closet Company can design, fabricate and install a closet in a seamless process. When a customer contacts us, we get to work quickly and professionally.

The client and one of our designers will discuss the storage needs and assess the available space. Before long they come up with the final plan for the system. Then the closet is manufactured according to their personal specifications. Once it is ready, our installers proceed to build out the wardrobe or dressing room, according to the detailed drawings, taking care to work as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

After having installed so many and such a variety of different wardrobes, dressing rooms, closets, furniture, and doors, we have practically the whole process down to a science. In most cases, the installation is done in a day. Our installers are not only fast and careful, but also extremely professional. During the installation process the client's home is respected to the fullest.

Given the continuous increase in the price per square meter of housing and the steady increase of property, we are obliged to invest in accessories that can make the most of the space available. This means that a well organized closet is not a frivolous whim: it is a necessity.

Metropolitan Closet Company has been simplifying the lives of their customers since 1992. We have a fantastic, reliable and flexible product. Its designers are experts in space planning and are trained to listen to each customer and provide a solution to your space problems, individually.

At Metropolitan Closet Company, we know the importance of your closet or wardrobe; it’s where you begin and end each day. For that reason, we take special care to custom design it to your needs and personal preferences, so that you can enjoy you surroundings.


Metropolitan Closet Company in our factory is our Atelier, since we do not manufacture in series, and plan and build each piece one by one.

In this section of the website, we want to share with you our Atelier, or photos taken in real homes, many times the install has just finished or the photos are taken even during installation.

Sometimes you will see a tool or two, sawdust, or other items that is not normally seen in publicity photos.

We put these imperfect images available to our customers without stylists, renderings or photos; so you can see the reality of our craft.

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