For project developers, architects, interior designers and decorators.

Metropolitan Closet Company’s products help to differentiate any professional project from the competition, offering a large range of qualities, which makes it easy to choose the right product for each individual project. Unlike many other companies, our product is not made up of standardized modules, and because of that, we can offer customizable projects for each client. Each of our projects is manufactured according to the client’s needs, maximizing the available space.

For the professional, we offer several levels of service. When we are hired to work on a private home, we study the plans of the house, talk to the customer in order to assess their needs, and develop a comprehensive plan for the total storage requirements, from the closets and wardrobes, to bathroom furniture and laundry rooms, bookshelves and even kitchens.

Cuando hablamos de urbanizaciones y/o proyectos en los cuales aún desconocemos quienes serán los futuros propietarios de las viviendas, ofrecemos un proyecto flexible, con diferentes alternativas, acabados y composiciones, de forma que cada usuario tenga la posibilidad de personalizar su vivienda en su momento.

When we work with project developers and / or projects in which do not know who will be the future home owners, we offer a flexible design with different options, finishes and compositions, so that each end user has the ability to customize their home or flat upon purchase.

The program is based on the fact that every client is different, and more and more they want a more personalized home, especially in high-end range. Therefore, we create a standardized basic design so that the customer knows what is included in the purchase price, and then offer packages of upgrades or the possibility of altering the designs based on their specific needs. They may even modify the quality and finishes the final product if they choose to do so.

Generally, once we are hired for a project, we install the furniture in the show flat or house. We then create a dossier for each buyer which shows them specifically what is included in their unit. The dossier will also give them the upgrade options or the possible add-ons, as well as pricing. In the event that these changes alter the amount specified in the contract with the developer or builder, the difference is normally assumed by the buyer.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services for professionals.

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