Metropolitan Closet Company not only designs solutions for clothing, but also a myriad of other objects. We solve problems of space for pantries, laundry rooms, storage rooms, garages, and can even create a space for the home office in a corner or even behind doors.

We create entertainment centers with built-in spaces for televisions, places for storing dishes, custom made bathroom furniture and a number of auxiliary furniture.

We can even create a piece of furniture with a TV lift, so you can see your TV when you want to, but at the press of a button, it disappears into its own custom storage space. You can see a demonstration in our video: click here to watch it.

In Metropolitan Closet Company we offer our clients the opportunity to have their furniture made especially for them, so that the fit in perfectly with their lifestyle and the décor of their home, well proportioned to fit into you space.

Custom-made furniture, whether it is for the living room, or the TV room, or for a home office, or study, or bathroom, adds value to you home as well as to your quality of life.


At Metropolitan Closet Company we can provide you with the best design for your bookcases, incorporating all of the essential elements you may need with open or closed spaces. We create unique designs, stylish and elegant, that will fit in perfectly with your home’s decoration scheme.

You can see some of the possibilities in the photos above this text, or stop by our showroom and we will be happy to help you.

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